Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Connecticut Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel, Connecticut

Mount Carmel is an unincorporated village in the town of Hampden

The company was incorporated in 1878 built a gravity system the same year.

The company was bought by the New Haven Water Company in 1910.

The New Haven Water Company was bought by South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority in 1980.

Water is provided by the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority.

1878 Incorporating the Mount Carmel Water Company.  March 26, 1878.

1888 History of the Town of Hamden, Connecticut: With an Account of the Centennial Celebration, June 15th, 1886, by William Phipps Blake
Pages 104-105:  Mt. Carmel Water Company.
The Mt. Carmel Water Company was chartered and commenced operations in 1878, with a capital of $6,000. The supply of water at present is obtained from natural springs on the surrounding hills and from wind-mill power. For future emergency the company holds the title of land and water heads in various localities, among which the Wolcott Falls, an ancient saw mill seat in the western part of the town, in connection with others, are depended upon for furnishing Centerville and Dixwell avenue on the Hamden plains, also the hill country around New Haven beyond the reach of the New Haven Water works in elevation. Also, the railroad station at Mt. Carmel and adjacent houses. Such a development opens room for a profitable increase of the company's capital stock. The company are in possession of maps showing the location and elevation of all the water sources in New Haven vicinity, besides a descriptive map of the present lay-out of the works. The present officers consist of James Ives, president, and Allen D. Osbom, secretary, treasurer and surveyor, with Lyman H. Bassett and Samuel J. Hayes, as directors.

1892 History of New Haven County, Connecticut, by John L. Rockey
Page 310:  The Mt. Carmel Water Company furnishes water for the half a thousand inhabitants, most of whom are employed in the shops in this locality.

1910 "Water Supplies Low Throughout Connecticut," Municipal Journal and Engineer 29:854 (December 21, 1910)
The New Haven Water Company, whose reservoirs are low, has purchased the Mt. Carmel Water Company, and will combine that supply with its system, supply the Mt. Carmel district by a main from its present reservoirs.

1954 USGS Mount Carmel, CT Quadrangle showing the location of Mount Carmel in the town of Hampden.

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