Documentary History of American Water-works

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North Central States
Indiana Columbus

Columbus, Indiana

Columbus was incorporated as a city in 1864.

The city built a Holly water works system that began service on July 4, 1871 using a steam-powered gang pump and two rotary pumps.  A new plant was built in 1901.

Water is supplied by the city of Columbus.

1870 Terre-Haute Weekly Express, November 16, 1870, Page 2.
An exchange learns that the city authorities of Columbus closed a contract on Saturday with agents of the Holly Water Works Company, to erect and complete works in that city by April next.

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Water works celebration on July 4th.

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Proposal to use water-power instead of steam to run the water works.

1878 The State, ex rel. The City of Columbus, v. Hauser at al., 63 Ind. 155,   November Term 1878, Supreme Court of Indiana.
Water works bonds.

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1888 "The New Water-Works Plant," The Evening Republican (Columbia, Indiana), July 12, 1888, Page 4.
A Twelve Thousand Dollar Engine Purchased Yesterday.  P.H. Lineen was present and submitted his plans and the cost of the improvement.  A compound engine with a capacity of 3,000,000 gallons per day.

1888 "Council Meeting," The Evening Republican (Columbia, Indiana), July 20, 1888, Page 4.
The Water-Works Plant Contract Null and Void.

1888 Indianapolis Journal, July 23, 1888, Page 3.
The Columbus water-works trustees recently purchased a $12,000 engine without first advertising for bids, as the law requires, and the City Council declared the contract null and void.  This places the trustees in a predicament, as they will have to settle for the plant unless the company from whom it was purchased released them.

1888 "The Water-Works Plant Contract," The Evening Republican (Columbia, Indiana), September 7, 1888, Page 2. | part 2 |
Proposal of Holly Manufacturing Company accepted for $12,000.

1888 History of Bartholomew County, Indiana : From the earliest time to the present, with biographical sketches, notes, etc. : Together with a short history of the Northwest, the Indiana Territory, and the state of Indiana
Pages 584-585:  Continuing the line of improvement, and realizing the necessity
of better protection from fire, in 1870, the council decided to construct water works, and in the following year, the present system of Holly works was completed at a cost of not quite $54,000, though improvements and extensions since have brouglit the total cost up to near $100,000.

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Public test of the new water-works engine.

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1913 Thirty-Second Annual Report of the State Board of Health of Indiana
Pages 155-162:  Report of the Investigation of the Filtration Plant of the Columbus Water Works, Columbia, Indiana, by J.C Diggs

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