Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Massachusetts Northborough

Northborough, Massachusetts

Northborough was first settled in 1672.

Local resident Holloway Taylor built an aqueduct using bored logs to serve his farm about 1790.  The length was 70 rods, or about 1,155 feet.

The town was authorized to built water works in 1882, and built a gravity system that year using cement-lined wrought-iron pipes.

Water is provided by Town of Northborough.

1793 History of the County of Worcester by Peter Whitney
Page 278-279:  [Town of Northborough] There are, in this town, curious works for the conveyance of water to a great distance, the property, contrivance, and execution of Major Holloway Taylor. I know not that there are any similar works in the county, and would therefore describe them.
From springs issuing out of ledges of rocks on  rising lands, this gentleman has raised a small pond, and from thence brings fine water (about seventy rods, through bored logs, under ground, not only in low lands, but in some places higher lands, where the water repeatedly ascends and descends into the back part of his house, into a large vat, near three feet in height, by a tube, from the last log, entering the bottom of the vat, which is, or may be kept constantly full, and running over ; and the superfluous water is conveyed from the vat, by another tube, out on to the grass land. As the water passes under ground nigh the barn yard by a tube from a log, entering the bottom of a large trough, he has a rich supply of water for a great flock of cattle ; and such is the quality of the water that it has seldom ever been known to freeze in trough or vat.

1882 An act to supply the town of Northborough with water.  April 29, 1882.

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Page 273:  Northborough Water Works.

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