Documentary History of American Water-works

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Troy, New Hampshire

Troy was settled in 1762.

The Proprietors of the Troy Village Aqueduct were incorporated in 1825 by Salmon Whittemore, Lyman Wright, Moses Ballou, Cyrus Fairbanks and Daniel W. Farrar.  No evidence has been found that this company built a system.

A hydrant was installed in 1893 that was connected to the pipe system of the Troy Blanket Mills.

The Town of Troy was authorized to install water works in 1915. 

Water is supplied by the Town of Troy.

1825 An act to incorporate sundry persons into a company by the name of the proprietors of the Troy Village Aqueduct.  June 28, 1825.

1897 Historical Sketch of the Town of Troy, New Hampshire: And Her Inhabitants from the First Settlement of the Territory Now Within the Limits of the Town in 1764-1897, by Melvin Ticknor Stone
Page 308:  In the fall of 1893, a hydrant was put in near the town hall, and a line of pipe laid connecting with the pipe system of the Troy Blanket Mills.  The water supply is obtained from the stream which passes through the center of the village and from numerous large reservoirs in different parts of the village.

1915 An act to establish water works in the town of Troy. March 4, 1915.

1957 An act relative to the Troy water works.  July 12, 1957.

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