Documentary History of American Water-works

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Flushing, New York

Flushing was incorporated as a village in 1837 and was consolidated into the City of New York in 1898.

The village built a Holly water works system that was tested and celebrated on December 2, 1874.

Water is provided by the City of New York.

1872 An act for supplying the village of Flushing, Queens county, with pure and wholesome water. February 15, 1872.

1874 An act to amend "An act to provide for supplying the village of Flushing, Queens county, with pure and wholesome water," passed February fifteen, eighteen hundred and seventy-two.  May 22, 1874

1874 New York Herald, August 15, 1874, Page 9.
The Holly Machinery for the Flushing water works is ready for shipment from Lockport, and will reach Flushing sometime during the coming week.  The filtering well at the source of supply is nearly completed and the engine house is well advanced.  There is quite a rivalry between Flushing and College Point as to which village shall have its water works completed first.

1874 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, November 4, 1874, Page 4.
About a year ago the Long Island Railroad Company erected a large windmill and five immense water tanks, at a cost of over $7,000, for the purpose of supplying their locomotives with water.  The water has proved unsuitable, and the mill and tanks will be abolished as soon as the Flushing water works are completed, with the mains of which the Railroad Company will make a connection,  The present the water used at Hunter's Point for the locomotives is brought from Minneaola, a distance of twenty miles.

1874 "The Flushing Water-Works," The Evening Post (New York, New York), December 3, 1874, Page 4.
Description of the Buildings and Machinery - A Celebration and Formal Opening To-Day.

1876 "Elopement," The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 11, 1876, Page 4.
An Aristocratic Young Lady Off with a Fireman from the Flushing Water Works.

1888 "Flushing," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 1.

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1891 Map of Queens.  Plate 29: Town of Flushing. - Douglaston. - Bay Side. Shows location of Flushing water works.

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1899 "Twenty Cases of Typhoid in Flushing," The New York Times, July 27, 1899, Page 12.
They made an examination of the ponds at the Flushing water works, from which the village derives its water supply.

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