Documentary History of American Water-works

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Hornell, New York

Hornells was incorporated as the village of Hornellsville in 1852 and as a city in 1888.  The name was changed to Hornell in 1906.

The Hornell Water Company was incorporated on May 23, 1873, and built a system that began service on December 1, 1882, largely with the financial support of Nimon M. Crane..  $50,000 of the company's $125,000 capital stock was included in the formation of the American Water Works and Guarantee Company, Limited in 1886.  The remainder of the company's stock was acquired by the American Water Works and Guarantee Company around 1891.

The city bought the water company on September 10, 1901 for $300,000.

Water is provided by the City of Hornell.

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Hornellsville water company agrees to on sale to the city for $300,000.

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1910 Application of the City of Hornell to make extensions to its present water system. Approved August 24, 1910.

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Page 276:  General Niron M. Crane.  He advanced funds for the development and construction of the water works.

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