Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States New York Manlius

Manlius, New York

The village of Manlius was settled in 1794.

The earliest water system in Manlius was built before 1817 that served about 19 families in 1888 and was built and kept in repair by parties along the main.  By 1890 this system was operated (and perhaps owned) by Charles W. H. Wood, who had moved to Manlius in 1876 and owned the Wood Manufacturing Company. 

The Village of Manlius built a reservoir and gravity water system in 1894. The village leased their water system system to the Onondaga County Water Authority in 1978.

Water service is provided by the Onondaga County Water Authority, a public benefit corporation that was created in 1951 by the New York State Legislature.

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Page 786:  In 1876 the Wood Manufacturing Company, of which C. W. H. Wood was proprietor, was removed to Manlius from Pompey, where the works were established in 1844, for the manufacture of wagonmaker's and carpenter's tools.  The business is still in existence.
Page 790-791:  A fine water supply system for the village as put in operation in 1894, for which bonds in the amount of $20,000 were issued.  The water is taken from springs about one and one-half mile north of the village.  This gives the inhabitants an ample supply of pure water and under such pressure as it make it available in cases of fire.

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