Documentary History of American Water-works

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South Central States
Tennessee South Pittsburg

South Pittsburg, Tennessee

South Pittsburg was incorporated in 1887

The first water works were built in 1878 by the Southern Coal, Iron & Land Company. 

The South Pittsburgh City Water Company was incorporated on September 1, 1887.

On July 6, 1890 the system was transferred to the South Pittsburg City Water Company.  This company was bought in 1914 by John W. Adams, who also owned the South Pittsburg electric plant.  Adams and his son George B. Adams formed the Tennessee Water Company, which was part of the Southern Cities Utilities Company.  This company was sold to the Tennessee Electric Power Company in 1929 and the local electric systems in Tennessee were sold to local communities in 1939 when the Tennessee Valley Authority was formed.   

The South Pittsburg water works were bought by the city of South Pittsburg around 1940.

Water is supplied by the South Pittsburg Board of Water Works & Sewers

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Purchased by J.W. Adams, Owner of Electric Light Plant.

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