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Mt. Hope Campus Mail Services

Star Markets opened a new store at 1510 Mt. Hope in 1941 to replace the old Hart's Price Cutter at 1521 Mt. Hope.  The 1941 store was replaced by a larger store in 1961 at 1550 Mt. Hope to better compete with the recently completed Wegmans at 1411 Mt. Hope.

The University bought the building at 1510 in 1961 to use as a laboratory and records storage for the medical center.

The building housed the new Centrex telephone system installed in 1967, which in turn was replaced by a new Rolm telephone system in 1983.  The building was them taken over by the University's Courier and Mail Services.

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Another New Hart's Combination Grocery and Market Open at 1521 Mt. Hope Ave.

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New supermarket at 1550 Mt. Hope Ave at E. Henrietta Rd.

1961 "UR buys Market for Records Use," Democrat and Chronicle, November 15, 1961, Page 19. | Part 2 |
The University of Rochester yesterday purchased an old supermarket at 1510 Mt. Hope Ave. for $55,000 for use as a laboratory and records annex to the school's medical center.
The property was sold to the university by Hart's Food Stores. Inc., 175 Humboldt St., which owned and operated the Star Market the structure formerly housed. The market now occupies a neighboring structure.
LaRoy B. Thompson, vice president and treasurer, reported last night that the university purchased the property to relieve congestion at the medical center, which does not have adequate floor space for some of the services connected with patient care.
He specifically mentioned chemical tests connected with diagnosis and therapy, said much of the newly acquired property would be used as a clinical chemistry laboratory. The rest of the structure, he said, will be used to store older records of patients and older X-rays to free space in the medical center itself, which is about 300 yards away.
The sale was a cash transaction, according to Frank J. Goodwin, attorney for the buyer, and Murry Beckerman, attorney for the seller.

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