Documentary History of American Water-works

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South Central States
Alabama Sheffield

Sheffield, Alabama

Sheffield was incorporated as a city in 1885.

The Sheffield Land, Iron and Coal Company was incorporated and built a water works system that began service in 1885 by pumping water from the Tennessee river into a reservoir.

The Sheffield Water Company was incorporated in 1889 and built a new standpipe water system.  The standpipe collapsed on May 20, 1902. 

The Sheffield Company was incorporated in New Jersey in 1903, acquired the Sheffield Water Company, and completely rebuilt the water system  The Sheffield Company was acquired by Alabama Power in 1925, with the water system passing to a subsidiary, Consumers Water Company.

The Consumers Water Company sold its water systems to the Alabama Water Service Company in 1929.

The City of Sheffield bought the water system in 1936, shortly after it had established a municipal power system using power from the Tennessee Valley Authority's Muscle Shoals dam.

Water is supplied by the City of Sheffield.

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The water works are completed, obtaining good water from the Tennessee river.

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Sheffield has a complete system of water works.

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All arrangements complete for Water Works.
The Sheffield Water Company has been organized with $250,000 paid up capital cost.  The company has issued $100,000 of bonds which have already been sold, subject to the endorsement of the Sheffield Land, Iron and Coal Company.

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Sheffield, May 20.  At 11:30 o'clock this morning the immense 90,000 gallons tank of the Sheffield water works feel to the ground and was completely demolished, together with all fixtures and connections thereto.   This leaves the city in a water famine, it being the sole source of supply' The pumping station at the foot of the bluff on the Tennessee river escaped without damage of any kind, also all employees at the station.  The tank has been leaking for some time and becoming gradually under

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It will control and operate the Sheffield Water Company, now supplying water to Sheffield.

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The water plant which supplies Sheffield and Tuscumbia.

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The Sheffield company, Consumers Water company; petition: In the matter of application for sale, purchase and conveyance of water works system, franchise, contracts, business, good will and other assets necessary to the operation of the system in Sheffield and Tuscumbia, Ala., and adjacent territory.

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Water works systems serving Sheffield and Tuscumbia.

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The City of Sheffield entered into the municipal waterworks business officially last Monday afternoon when details of taking over of the Alabama Water Service Company plant were completed by Mayor Hoyt Greer and other city officials.

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