Documentary History of American Water-works

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Pacific States
California Eureka

Eureka, California

Eureka was incorporated in 1856.

The first water works were built by Caspar S. Hicks in 1879.  After Rick's death his estate sold the system to Ricks Water Company in 1889.

The system was sold to Eastern capitalists in 1902 and reincorporated as the Eureka Water Company.

The city bought the system in 1914 for $270,00.

Water is provided by the City of Eureka.

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Reincorporated under the name of the Eureka Water Company.

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The city of Eureka has taken over the Eureka Water Company's holdings, for the purchase of which bonds in the sum of $270,000 were voted recently. Oscar Lord, superintendent of the old company, will be employed by the city as manager.

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