Documentary History of American Water-works

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Pacific States
California Fairfield

Fairfield, California

Fairfield was incorporated as a city in 1903.

The Suisun and Fairfield Water Company was incorporated in 1866 and completed a water system in 1868.

The City of Suisun bought their system in 1896 and the Fairfield system was taken over by Henry Goosan.

The city bought the system in 1926 for $27,000.

Water is provided by the City of Fairfield.

1879 History of Solano County
Page 299:  Suisun and Fairfield Water Company.  Was organized as a joint stock company, with one thousand shares of one hundred dollars each, on April 24, 1866. The officers, after permanent organization, were: Samuel Breck, President; M. Dinkelspiel, Vice-President; F. O. Staples, Treasurer; George A. Gillespie, Secretary, and W. K. Hoyt, Superintendent. There were five directors, from which the above officers were elected, except Hoyt. The remaining director being D. M. Stockman. The tanks, pumps, etc., were erected on land bought by the company, formerly owned by John Doughty and W. S. Wells, situated about one-half mile from Fairfield. Work was commenced soon after organization and completed March, 1868. There is a large “main” laid from the tanks through Fairfield to the south side of Suisun, a distance of 1½ miles, and is made of cement, the smaller ones, leading to dwellings, etc., are iron. The present officers are: E. P. Hilborn, President; Lewis Pierce, Vice-President; Harvy Rice, Treasurer ; D. M. Stockman, Secretary, and Josiah Wing, Jr., Superintendent. The company have erected this year (1879) two new tanks of 10,000 gallons capacity, and one tankhouse.

1926 "Fairfield to Run Own Water Works," The Recorder (San Francisco, California), August 14, 1926, Page 1.
Purchased by a city at a cost of $27,000.

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