Documentary History of American Water-works

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Pacific States
California Rio Vista

Rio Vista, California

Rio Vista was incorporated as a town in 1894 and as a city in 1968.

The first water works were built by the Rio Vista Water Works Company in 1875, which had been organized by Robert C. Carter.

The city built new water works that began service in 1902.

Water is provided by the City of Rio Vista.

1876 "Rio Vista," Sacramento Daily Union, July 28, 1876, Page 4.
Robert C. Carter has established a public water works, taking water from the Sacramento and distributing it through the town from an adjacent hill with a force sufficient for fire purposes.

1901 Morning Tribune (San Luis Obispo, California), December 7, 1901, Page .3
On December 9th, the town of Rio Vista will vote on the proposition of issuing $20,000 of bonds for water works.  The proposed plant will consist of a 20-horse power gasoline engine with a capacity of 250 gallons a minute, elevated tanks and a reserve engine and pump.  The supply will be from wells.

2005 Rio Vista, by Philip Pezzaglia
Page 26:  Rio Vista Water Works Company.

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