Documentary History of American Water-works

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Pacific States
California Woodland

Woodland, California

Woodland was incorporated as a city in 1871.

The first water works were built by John Watson Peek in 1873.  He was the proprietor of the Woodland Water Works.

The Woodland Water Works rebuilt the system in 1885.

The city acquired the system in 1892 for $25,000.

Water is provided by the City of Woodland.

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The Woodland Water Works are completed, and great is the joy over an abundant supply of clear, cool, soft water.

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Woodland Water Company.

1882 The People v. J. D. Stephens et al., 62 Cal. 209, November 28, 1882, Supeme Court of California
J. W. Peek and the Woodland Water Works Company.

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1892 Engineering Record, 28:146  (July 30, 1892)
Woodland, Cal. - The City Trustees last week opened bids for the construction of city water-works.  There were quite a number of bidders, but the proposition of the Woodland Water Company to sell the city is system for $25,000 was accepted.

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1904 "J. W. Peek Dead," Woodland Daily Democrat, July 6, 1904, Page 1.
John Watson Peek was the Founder of the Woodland Waterworks.
Shortly after his arrival he inaugurated a system of public waterworks, the tank and offices of which were located at the corner of Main and Fourth streets.

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