Documentary History of American Water-works

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Southwestern States
Colorado Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder was incorporated as a city in 1871.

The city built a gravity water system in 1875.

Water is provided by the City of Boulder.

1880 History of Clear Creek and Boulder Valleys, Colorado
Page 415: Boulder Water-Works
No town of its size can boast a better system of water-works than Boulder. The whole cost is about $50,000. Until about the year 1874, nearly all the buildings were of wood, and it was regarded as a wonder that the town stood so long without burning down a fate that befell nearly all the pioneer towns of the Territory. In the apprehension of such a calamity, and for the purpose of supplying the growing town with pure water, on the 31st of October, 1871 the people voted $18.000 for the construction of water-works, and on the 8th of May, 1875, the contract was let. Since then, the pipes have been pushed into every part of the town, until seven miles in length of mains and laterals have been laid, taking the healthful water of Boulder Creek all over the town and into nearly every house. Frank Pound is the present Superintendent.
Soon after the establishment of the waterworks, the town fixed fire-limits, protecting the business street from the danger of further construction of wooden buildings. These safeguards have lessened the cost of insurance, greatly enhance the value of city property, and reflect credit on the intelligence of the citizens.

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