Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Connecticut Danbury

Danbury, Connecticut

Danbury was incorporated in 1702. 

The Danbury Water Company was incorporated in 1834 by Isaac Ives, Nathaniel Bishop, Russel Hoyt and Seth Comstock.  This company built a system that was still operating as late as 1922.

The Danbury Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1859 by Eli T. Hoyt, George W. Ives, Edgar S. Tweedy, John W. Bacon, William Montgomery, Abijah E. Tweedy, William R. White, Samuel C. Wildman, George Hull and Henry Benedict "for the purpose of supplying the borough of Danbury with an abundant supply of pure water for public and domestic use."

The Borough of Danbury was authorized to construct water works in May, 1860, and built a system that began operating in December of that year.  The reservoirs were carried away on January 31, 1869 due to frost penetrating to the water line, and were immediately rebuilt.

Water is provided by the City of Danbury

1834 Resolve incorporating the Danbury Water Company.  May, 1834.

1859 An act to incorporate the Danbury Aqueduct Company.  June 22, 1859.

1860 An act to supply the borough of Danbury with water for public and private purposes.  May 15, 1860.

1881 New Haven Register, August 31, 1881, Page 4.
The Danbury water commissioners, in selecting pipe for their distribution service, have awarded the contract to the Patent Improved Hydraulic Water Pipe company for the pipe manufactured by them and the invention of D. Goffe Phipps of the New Haven Water Company.

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