Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Connecticut New Milford

New Milford, Connecticut

New Milford was incorporated in 1712. 

The New Milford Water Company was incorporated in 1873 and built a gravity system that began operating in 1874.

The company was purchased by the General Waterworks Corporation in 1959.  This company was merged into United Water Connected in 1993, which was later bought by Suez, and then by Aquarion.

Water is provided by Aquarion

1873 Incorporating the New Milford Water Company.  June 17, 1873.

1873 Amending the charter incorporating the New Milford Water Company.  July 2, 1873.

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Page 508:  Supply of Good Water.
The New Milford Water Company was chartered July 2, 1873, with an authorized capital of $25,000, and was organized Aug 2, 1873, by the election of directors as follows: Charles H. Booth, Henry O. Warner, Seth C. Landon, Isaac B. Bristol, Walter B. Bostwick, David E. Soule, and George W. Anthony.
At a subsequent meeting of the directors, Charles H. Booth was elected President, Charles H. Noble, Secretary and Treasurer, and Henry O. Warner, Superintendent. There has been no change of officers to the present time. In consequence of the difficulty of securing the water privilege, nothing was done that year towards the construction of the works, but in August of 1874, the privilege having been purchased, the work was commenced, and was completed the following December. The reservoir was made by damming Cross Brook about one mile and a quarter northeast from the village. The distribution is effected by iron pipes, of which there have been about four and three-quarter miles laid. The total cost of the works, as reported by the treasurer at the annual meeting of August, 1882, had been $31,030.91; the balance of $6,030.91 above the capital stock of $25,000 having been paid out of the earnings of the company. The company began paying dividends in June, 1877, and have paid regularly ever since.

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Page 95:  The New Milford Water Company was chartered in 1873, and organized with a board of directors. Charles H. Booth was chosen president, Charles H. Noble, secretary and treasurer, and Henry 0. Warner, superintendent. A reservoir was located on the hill about one mile and a quarter northeast of the village, near the source of Cross Brook, which is fed by springs of pure water. Three other reservoirs have since been built of such capacity that the supply of water is ample for the public and private uses of the village. The present officers of the company are: Albert H. McMahon, president; Verton P. Staub, superintendent ; and Harry S. Sanford, secretary and treasurer.

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General Waterworks bought the business in 1955 for $68,000.

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