Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Connecticut Thomaston

Thomaston, Connecticut

Thomaston was incorporated as a town in 1875.

The Thomaston Water Company was incorporated in 1879 and built a gravity system that began operating in 1880.

An attempt by the town to buy the system in 1950 for $108,000 was voted down.

The company was bought by the Guilford-Chester Water Company in 1955, which became part of Connecticut Water Company when it was formed in 1956.

Water is provided by Connecticut Water.

1879 Incorporating the Thomaston Water Company.  March 25, 1879.

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Connecticut.  The Thomaston Water Company has bought $14,000 worth of iron pipe.

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Application of the Thomaston Water Company to sell its physical assets to the Town of Thomaston.

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Officials of the Thomaston Water Company said Friday that the Guilford-Chester Water Co., is negotiating for the purchase of the stock of the local company.
In 1950, a special town meeting voted against the town purchasing the water company for $108,000.

1956 "Heads Water Co.," Hartford Courant, April 25, 1956, Page 40.
William Neal MacKenzie, executive vice president of the Suburban Water Service, Inc., which recently purchased the Thomaston Water Company. was elected president of the local water company.

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Suburban Water Service Inc. is a holding company of the Connecticut Water Company, which owns practically all the stock of the Terryville and Thomaston Water Companies.

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