Documentary History of American Water-works

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Northwestern States
Iowa Clinton

Clinton, Iowa

Clinton was chartered as a city in 1857.

The city awarded a twenty-year water works franchise to the Clinton Water-Works Company on March 26, 1874

The first waterworks were built in 1874 by the Clinton Water Works Company.    The system was designed by William C. Weir.

The company was bought by the American Water Works and Guarantee Company in October, 1888 and they also purchased the Lyons Water Works Company in 1891.  The Lyons system was combined with the Clinton system and the city of Clinton annexed Lyons in 1895.  The company was reincorporated with the same name in Delaware on November 6, 1906.

Water is provided by Iowa-American Water.

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For some time past negotiations have been in progress to transfer the stock of the Clinton Water-works company to the American Water-works and Guarantee company, limited, which has a paid capital of $500,000, principal offices, Pittsburg, Pa.  The conclusion was reached Saturday, and about three-fourths of the entire stock was purchased by the new company of the individual stockholders, the new company also giving a guarantee that it would buy all of the stock at a stipulated price.

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By an ordinance passed by the city council of the city of Clinton, in the county of Clinton, in the State of Iowa, on the 30th day of March, 1889.

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1923 Fire and Water Engineering 74(19) (November 7, 1923)
Water Company Gets New Franchise— An ordinance adopted lately by the city council of Clinton, Ia., granting a franchise to the Clinton Water Works Company has been ratified by the voters. The company’s former franchise expired nine years ago and since that time has been operating without a franchise.

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