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Northwestern States
Iowa Ottumwa

Ottumwa, Iowa

Ottumwa was chartered as a city in 1857.

After an 1871 attempt to build water works, the city awarded a 25-year exclusive water works franchise to S. L. Wiley & Co. on September 25, 1877.  Wiley had built several other water works systems, and he assigned the franchise to the Ottumwa Water Works Company.  The company built a system powered by water that was operating by March, 1879.  The company was reorganized in 1887 as the Iowa Water Company,  This company defaulted on its bonds in 1894, was foreclosed, and sold to the bondholders who formed the City Water Supply Company in September, 1897.

The city tried to built its own system when the ordinance expired, but the water company secured an injunction on the grounds that it would exceed the city's debt limit.  The City Water Supply Company was in turn sold at a receiver's sale in 1903 to its former owners and bondholders, William H. Slingluff of Morristown, New Jersey and William A. Underwood of New York City.  They received a new 25-year franchise on December 3, 1903 and formed the Public Water Company.  They were, however, unable to complete the improvements stipulated in the ordinance and offered to sell the system to the company.

The city bought the system on December 1, 1910 for $280,000,

Water is provided by Ottumwa Water and Hydro.

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Ottumwa has voted to issue $75,000 in bonds for the Holly water works.

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1877 An Ordinance Providing for the Payment of Rental which shall become Due the Ottumwa Water Works under Ordinance Number 115.  November 22, 1877.

1877 Ordinances Granting Extension of Time to Ottcmwa Water Works to fulfill contract.  December 31, 1877, etc.

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Ottumwa's water works on the 25th undoubtedly saved the business portion of the city from destruction by fire.

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City Water Supply Company enters protest to the proposed waterworks.

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City Council tenders that amount for water plant.

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City Water Supply Co. will try to sell plant.  Directors want no franchise.

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Water Company will not accept $200,000 for plant.  The company will not accept less than $300,000 for property.

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To purchase the waterworks plant for $270,000.

1903 "Serious Hitch," Ottumwa Daily Courier, July 23, 1903, Page 6.
In negotiations for sale of the waterworks bonds.

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Property of City Water Supply Co. disposed of for $25,000.  Goes to former owners, William H. Slingluff of Morristown, New Jersey and William A. Underwood of New York City

1903 The Daily Times (Davenport, Iowa), November 6, 1903, Page 4.
At a special session the Ottumwa city council granted a water works franchise to Messrs. Underwood and Slingluff for a period of twenty-five years.  The franchise was passed over the mayor's veto.

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