Documentary History of American Water-works

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North Central States
Indiana New Carlisle

New Carlisle, Indiana

New Carlisle was incorporated

The town built a water system that began operating in 1879, pumping water from a well into an elevated tank using a Worthington steam pump.  The system used Wyckoff wood pipes.

Water is supplied by the town of New Carlisle.

1878 The South Bend Tribune, October 31, 1878, Page 4.
Messrs. Lancaster, Vail and Warner, the New Carlisle water works committee, were in the city yesterday inspecting the workings of our standpipe system.  The visitors were taken in charge of Supt. Abbott, after which they drove over to Niles to examine the embryo water works of that place.

1879 The South Bend Tribune, February 20, 1879, Page 2.
The contract for erecting and putting in the New Carlisle water works was awarded to George C. Morgan, of Chicago, last week for $6,000.  He will erect a brick engine house on the low grounds at the east end of town and place inside a steam engine, Firmenich safety steam boiler and a Worthington duplex fourteen inch cylinder pump.  The water tank of 2,500 barrel capacity will be placed on the highest ground, next the west end of town.  The pipes are to be wood, wound with heavy iron bonds, and laid through the three principal streets running east and west, and connect each other by pipes running north and south, and at proper intervals the twelve hydrants will be inserted.

1880 History of St. Joseph County, Indiana
Pages 769-770:  Water-Works.  New Carlisle has' a successful system of water-works just established. When the project was first proposed in 1879, there was considerable opposition; and as it required a two-thirds vote of the property holders to carry the measure through, it required skillful engineering to insure success. As the expense was the principal objection, Mr. George H. Service offered to insure the sale of bonds at par, and thus the people were encouraged to vote for the issue of $7,000 bonds, which were negotiated at par, at seven per cent., with a savings bank in Vermont, to run 15 years; and now the village has a perfect system of water-works.

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