Documentary History of American Water-works

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North Central States
Michigan Lyons

Lyons, Michigan

Lyons was incorporated as a village in 1859.

The village installed a water-driven Holly pump in 1879 for fire protection and street sprinkling.  The distribution system used Wyckoff wood pipes and Holly fire hydrants.

The village built a complete water system in 1972.

Water is supplied by the village of Lyons.

References and Timeline
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Lyons will probably adopt the Holly Water Works.  But, having a good water power, the works will be driven by water and not by steam.

1881 History of Ionia & Montcalm Counties, Michigan, by John S. Schenck
Page 243: The Holly Water Works.  In 1879 the village adopted the Holly water-works system as a protection against fire. The total cost of the enterprise was two thousand dollars. Lyons had suffered most disastrously from conflagrations previous to 1879, and her citizens concluded that the time had come for an investment in a valuable fire-fighting apparatus. The power is supplied at the Gothic Mills. There is also a fire organization known as "Lyons Volunteer Fire Company, No. 1," which was formed Nov. 4, 1879. The officers now under appointment from the village board are A. H. Jacob, Chief Engineer; Jonathan Hale, First Assistant; E. B. Hale, Second Assistant; Lyman Parks, Superintendent of Hose. Those elected by the company for 1880 are A. H. Jacob, Foreman; M. H. Rudgers, First Assistant; William C. Hawley, Jr., Second Assistant; E. B. Hale, Treasurer; W. C. Hawley, Jr., Secretary.

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