Documentary History of American Water-works

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Nashua, New Hampshire

Nashua was incorporated in 1653.     

The Nashua Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1826 by Daniel Abbot, Joseph Greely, Ezekiel Greely, Alfred Greely, Andrew E. Thayer, Stephen Kendrick and Benjamin F. French.  No evidence has been found that this company built a system.

The Nashua Aqueduct was incorporated in 1851 by Seth Williams Jr., Thomas W. Gillis, Moses A. Herrick, Aaron P. Hughes, and Leonard W. Noyes "for the purpose of bringing water into the villages of Nashua and Nashville, by means of subterranean pipes, for the supply of the inhabitants of said villages."

The Nashville Aqueduct was incorporated in 1852 by Charles F. Gove, Aaron P. Hughes, Robert Reed, John H. Gage, and Russell E. Dewey for the same purpose?  The following year the name was changed to the Pennichuck Water Works.  This company built a system and delivered water in September, 1854, or rather tried to as the pipe carrying the water over the Nashua River failed and collapsed into the water.  The company expanded to serve other nearby communities until it was bought by the City of Nashua in 2012 after a long struggle.

The City of Nashua bought the Pennichuck Corporation on January 25, 2012 for $138 million, and is now the sole stockholder.

Water is provided by the Pennichuck Corporation.

1826 An act to incorporate sundry persons by the name of the Nashua Aqueduct Company.  June 28, 1826.

1851 An act to incorporate the Nashua Aqueduct.  July 4, 1851.

1852 An act to incorporate the Nashville Aqueduct.  June 19, 1852.

1853 An act to amend and change the name of the Nashville Aqueduct.  June 27, 1853.  Name changed to Pennichuck Water Works.

1854 New Hampshire Stateman, September 30, 1854, Page 3.
On Saturday last, at about eleven o'clock, A. M., the water which had been forced up the day before into the reservoir of the Pennichuck Water Works, in Nashua, was let into the pipes for the supply of the city, but instead of finding its way into the houses, shops, &c. where it was expeced to make its first appearance, when it reached that portion of the pipe suspended across the Nashua River, the whole gave way and with a crash went down to the bottom of the river.

1856 Manchester Daily Mirror, July 26, 1856, Page 2.
It is said that the Pennichuck Water Works at Nashua, have already saved more property from conflagration than they cost.

1870 An act authorizing an increase in the capital stock of the Pennichuck Water Works.  June 24, 1870.

1873 New Hampshire Sentinel, June 12, 1873, Page 3.
Nashua is debating whether or not to supply itself with water by buying the Pennichuck Water Works for $175,000, the price asked, and which, it is said, an an adance of forty-five per cent. upon the capital cost and sufficient to pay the company's indebtedness of $15,000 and still net the stockholders a premium of 33 3/4 per cent.

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