Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States New Hampshire Newmarket

Newmarket, New Hampshire

Newmarket was incorporated in 1727.

The Newmarket Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1834 by Stephen A. Chase, Benjamin D. Watson, Benjamin Wheatland, and Columbus Warren "for the purpose of conveying water by subteraneous pipes into the Village of Lamprey River in Newmarket in the County of Rockingham."  This company built a system from a nearby spring, but no further information has been found about it.

The Newmarket Water Works was incorporated in 1893 by Charles V. Doe, Samuel H. Greeue, Benjamin F. Haley, Ambrose J. Nichols, Charles H. Smith, Charles E. Tasker, Woodbridge W. Durell, Alanson G. Haines, George O. Hodgdon, Milton S. Laine, Bradford S. Kingman, William H. Paine, and Albert M. Priest "for the purpose of bringing water into the village of Newmarket in the county of Rockingham, for domestic uses, the extinguishment of fires, and such other purposes as may be deemed necessary."  This company built a system that was sold to the Town of Newmarket for $83,000 in 1901.

Water is provided by the Town of Newmarket

1834 An act to incorporate certain persons by the name of the Newmarket Aqueduct Company.  June 28, 1834.

1893 An act to incorporate the Newmarket Water Works.  March 31, 1893.

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Town Will Buy Out the Company and Pay it $83,000.

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Looking Backward - Newmarket Aqueduct Company, 1834.  The Newmarket Aqueduct Company laid pipes from a spring on the hillside behind the present bank building to the Newmarket Iron Foundry on the north side of the Creek.

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