Documentary History of American Water-works

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Orange, New Jersey

Orange was first settled around 1666. 

The Orange Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1833 by John M. Linsley, Stephen D. Day, Daniel Babbit, Allen Dodd, Henry B. Campbell and William Munn "for the purpose of supplying
the village of Orange with pure and wholesome water."  John M. Lindsley, Allen Dodd and Stephen Condit appointed as agents to sell stock.  No evidence has been found that the company built anything.

Another Orange Aqueduct Company was proposed in 1857, but did not pass the legislature.

The Orange Water Company was incorporated in 1865 by John L. Blake, Charles A. Lighthipe, William H. Vermilye, Stephen W. Tichenor, William Pierson, Junior, and Isaac J. Everitt to procure "a supply of good and wholesome water for the use of the people of Orange and its vicinity, in the county of Essex."

The city of Orange built water works that began service in October, 1883.  The system used gravity to distribute water from an elevated reservoir on the West Rahway River, with a filter of sponge and charcoal.

The Orange Reservoir is no longer used for water supply and the city of Orange relies on wells for its water supply.

The water system is currently owned by the City of Orange Township Water Department, which contracts with SUEZ Water North Jersey to maintain the system.

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Application is to be made to the Legislature for an act to incorporate "The Orange Aqueduct Company," with a capital of $50,000 with a privilege of increasing the same to $100,000, for the purpose of supplying Orange with an abundant supply of pure water.

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