Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States New York Phelps

Phelps, New York

Phelps was settled around 1793 and was called Vienna until its incorporation in 1855. 

Several aqueducts were built in Phelps (then Vienna) by December, 1814, when their proprietors petitioned the legislature for incorporation, which was granted the following March.  No incorporators are listed, and the charter is unusual for combining several apparently separate aqueduct systems under common ownership.  No further information about this company has been found.

The Vienna Water Works Company was incorporated in 1833 by David McNeil, Aaron Young, Moses B. Whitmore, Owen Edmonston for "the purpose of effectually supplying the said village and the inhabitants in the neighborhood with water" and "to convey such water through or over any lands in the town of Phelps."  No evidence has been found that this company built anything.

Another Vienna Water Works Company was incorporated in 1889 and installed a gravity system. 

The Village of Phelps purchased the system in 1896 for $40,000 and made improvements.

Water is provided by the Town of Phelps.

1813 Geneva Gazette, December 14, 1814, Page 3.
Notice is hereby given, that the subscribers and their associates, intend to apply to the Honorable the Legislature of this State, at their next session, praying for a grant of an incorporation for the purpose of conveying water, by an aqueduct from a fountain near the village of Vienna, in the town of Phelps, for the benefit of the inhabitants of said village, by the name of the Vienna Aqueduct company.-- Dec. 12, 1814.
Nathaniel Willson
Thomas Davis
Liman Hotchkiss

1815 An act to incorporate the Vienna Aqueduct Company, March 24, 1815.

1833 An act to incorporate the Vienna water works, in the county of Ontario.  April 19, 1833.

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Page 359:  In the spring of 1889 the village gave permission to the Phelps Water Works Company to lay water mains through the principal streets. Although a local improvement, the stock of this company is owned by non residents. The water supply is taken from the locality known as Melvin Hill.

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