Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States New York Schaghticoke Point

Schaghticoke, New York

The Village of Schaghticoke was settled around 1770. The hamlet that became the village was originally known as Schagticoke-Point and was incorporated as Harts Falls in 1867.  The village was renamed Schaghitoke in 1881.

Sometime before 1806, Herman Knickerbacker, Reuben Merriam and Zepheniah Russel built an aqueduct at or near Schaghticoke-point and in 1806 a law was passed to regulate and protect their system.

This system was still operating in 1814 as shown in the advertisement below, no further information about this system has been found.

Lansingburgh Gazette, November 15, 1814, Page 3

The Village of Schaghticoke applied for permission to build a water system in August, 1924, which was approved on October 28, 1924.  The village currently operates a water system, PWS #  NY4100045.

1806 An act for regulating and protecting the Aqueducts at or near Schagticoke-Point, in the Town of Schaghticoke, in the County of Rensselaer, April 4, 1806.

1813 A gazetteer of the State of New-York, by Horatio Gates Spafford
Page 293: At the mouth of the Hoosac creek is a small village called Schaghticoke-Point, consisting of 15 houses; and here is the Post-Office, 20 miles north of Albany. It is situated in the N.W. corner of the town; and in the S. part, on the Northern turnpike, is another small village called Speigle-Town. The Northern turnpike from Lansingburgh to the N.E. part of Washington County, and another road of considerable travel to Whitehall, lead through this Town, besides many other common and very good roads. There are 3 houses of worship: 2 Reformed Dutch, and a Presbyterian; and 11 school-houses- There are 12 grain mills, 11 saw mills, an oil-mill, fulling-mill, and 2 carding machines; and 2 companies are incorporated for manufacturing purposes, one for cotton and the other for linen, and their works are probably in operation at this time.

1924 In the Matter of the Application of the Village of Schaghticoke for Approval of Its Acquisition of a Source of Water Supply and of its Financial and Engineering Plans for the Construction of a Water Supply System.  Water Supply Application No.353, Water Control Commission, October 28, 1924.  Application approved as modified. From The State Department Reports of the State of New York, 32:111-119

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