Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania Bethany

Bethany, Pennsylvania

Bethany was first settled about 1800.

David Bunnell was granted permission to "to convey the water from any spring or springs owned by him on outlot number one hundred and thirty-six, into the borough of Bethany," with the price to be paid by any one family using water "for one year, shall not exceed ten dollars."

The Bethany Water Company was organized by Abisha Woodward, Jacob S. Davis, Jason Torry, Issac Reasa, Joseph Miller, Thomas Spangleberg, John Raymond, Ephraim Hamlin, Gorton Groves, Nathaniel B. Eldred, and Amzi Fuller and petitioned the legislature to be incorporated, which was granted in 1826 to "proceed and bring, introduce and convey water into the said borough of Bethany, in case of a deficiency in that already introduced." 

No other information about this system has been found, and it unknown when this system ceased to operate.

There are currently no public water supply systems within the Borough.

1826 An act to enable the Governor to incorporate the Northumberland Canal and Water-right Company, and to authorise David Bunnell to convey water into the borough of Bethany.  April 5, 1826.
Sect. 20-25 - David Bunnell authorized to convey water into the borough of Bethany.

1828 An act to incorporate the Bethany Water Company.  January 21, 1828.

2002 Bethany Borough Official Wastewater Facilities Plan, prepared by Sepstone Management Company and Knash Engineering
Page II-8: There are no pubic water supply systems within the Borough.  There are three private central water supplies, however.  These include the Bethany lake Village subdivision (serving 16 homes, 8 of which are in the Borough), the Bethany Village Assisted Living Community and the Methodist Church system (serving the church, parsonage, and 5 other homes.)

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