Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania  Richmond

Richmond, Pennsylvania

Richmond was created as a district in 1847 and was incorporated into the City of Philadelphia in 1854.

The district contracted for water service with the water works plant of the District of Kensington in 1850.

Water service is provided by the City of Philadelphia.

1856 A Digest of the Acts of Assembly Relating to the City of Philadelphia and the (late) Incorporated Districts of the County of Philadelphia, and of the Ordinances of the Said City and Districts, in Force on the First Day of January, A.D. 1856
Page 678:  Kensington. The district of Kensington was formerly supplied with water by the city of Philadelphia, under contract dated October 5, 1833. This agreement was determined and annulled by resolution of the board, passed November 29,1844, and on March 26,1845, a contract was made with the Northern Liberties and Spring Garden for the supply of Schuylkill water for fifteen years, the commissioners of Kensington agreeing to enact laws for its regulation similar to those of the two last named corporations. On June 23, 1851, an amicable abrogation of the above contract was made—Kensington paying §14,500 to the other parties to it, and on April 15, 1850, the Kensington board having, under authority of the act below, built the Delaware works, contracted to furnish the district of Richmond with water.

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