Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania Womelsdorf

Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

Womelsdorf was founded in 1762.

The Womelsdorf Water Company was incorporated in 1826 with Peter Ecker, Frederick A. Shulze, Conrad Manner, Michael Petrie, and John Stough appointed to sell stock in the company. No evidence has been found that this company built a system.

Another Womelsdorf Water Company was incorporated May 29, 1895 and built a system pumping water to a reservoir that began service in 1896.

The Womelsdorf Consolidated Water Company was formed on June 5, 1904 from the merger of the Womelsdorf Water Company and Robesonia Water Company.

The Womelsdorf - Robesonia Joint Authority was formed on January 13, 1949 to acquire the water system serving those communities, and bought it later that year.

Water is currently supplied by the Womelsdorf - Robesonia Joint Authority.

1826 An act authorising the Governor to incorporate the Womelsdorf Water Company.  April 10, 1826.

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Womelsdorf.--The Womelsdorf Water Company will have a system of water works complete in this town by next fall.

1895 Engineering News-Record 33(23):181 Supplement (June 6, 1895)
Womelsdorf, Pa.--The Womelsdorf Water Co. was incorporated May 29, with a capital stock of $1,000.  Treas., Dr. E. H. Leffler, Millersburg, Pa.

1897 "Womelsdorf," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 4.

1949 Lebanon Daily News, November 3, 1949, Page 22.
New Water Group Takes Possession of Womelsdorf System.  Womelsdorf's and Robesonia's new Water Authority, which recently purchased the stock and franchises of the Womelsdorf Water Company, a private corporation, book possession of the property yesterday.  The financial end of the transaction, which called for sale of a $260,000 bond issue, was handled in the offices of the People's Trust Company, Wyomissing.
The 400 share of the company stock were bought for $320 each or $128,000.  The authority also paid off an outstanding issue of water bonds, $90,000, and the balance $42,000, will alow for a working reserve and some improvements.

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