Documentary History of American Water-works

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South Atlantic States
Virginia Fincastle

Fincastle, Virginia

Fincastle was founded in 1772 and was originally called Monroe.

Residents of Monroe signed articles of agreement forming the Fincastle Water Company on April 14, 1810.  They petitioned the legislature for incorporation in December of that year and it was incorporated in 1811 with Matthew Harvey, John Moore and John C. Griffin appointed to receive stock subscriptions "for the purpose of creating a company to convey water in pipes, through the town of Monroe, in the county of Botetourt.".  No evidence has been found that this company built a system.

Another group of citizens petitioned for incorporation of a company of the same name in March, 1852, and it was incorporated in May, 1852 by James McDowell, Thomas C. Lancaster, Alexander Gibson, James W. Grant and Lewis Brugh "for the purpose of conducting water into said town."  No evidence has been found that this company built a system.

The residents of Fincastle appeared to rely on individual wells until they became contaminated in 1975.  The town built a public water system in 1978, and it was taken over by the Western Virginia Water authority in 2015.

Water is currently provided by the Western Virginia Water Authority, which has a history page.

1810 Articles of Agreement forming the Fincastle Water Company, April 14, 1810.

1810 Petition to incorporate the Fincastle Water Company, December 20, 1810.

1811 An act incorporating a Water Company in the Town of Monroe in the County of Botetourt, January 18, 1811.

1852 Petition for incorporation of the Fincastle Water Company, March 16, 1852.

1852 An act incorporating the Fincastle water company. May 22, 1852.

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