Documentary History of American Water-works

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Manchester, Vermont

Manchester Village was first settled in 1761.

The Manchester Aqueduct Society was incorporated in 1821 by State Governor Richard Skinner, Joseph Burr, Josiah Burton, and Joel Pratt for the "purpose of making, repairing and enjoying an aqueduct in said Manchester."  No evidence has been found that this company built a system.

The Manchester Water Company was incorporated in 1894 and built a water system that was purchased by the town in 1982, which then substantially upgraded it in 1985.

The Manchester water system is owned by the Town of Manchester.

1821 An act, to incorporate an Aqueduct Society in Manchester.  November 15, 1821.

1897 "Manchester and Manchester Center," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 4

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In 1894 John Marsden came to Manchester from Utica, NY and contracted to purchase the springs on Equinox Mountain from the Fire District and rights of way for a water system. Prior to this time water for fighting fires was stored in huge barrels strategically placed throughout the Village and individual households were supplied by wells, or springs, or cisterns.
Pipes were laid, a reservoir built and The Manchester Water Company was formed in October 1894. The company had purchased all the water contracts, springs, rights of way and conduits from the Marsden family. Officers of the corporation included Mr. Marsden, Mason Colburn of Manchester Center, J.W. [Joseph Wickham] Fowler of Manchester Depot and E.C. Orvis of the Village. The Marsden family continued to manage the water company until it was purchased by the Town of Manchester in 1980.


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