Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Vermont Middlebury

Middlebury, Vermont

Middlebury chartered in 1761.   

The Middlebury Aqueduct Company was chartered in 1804 by Seth Storrs, John Warren, and Amasa Stowell.  This company built a system that operated for over a century.

The Village of Middlebury constructed a new water system in 1891, the contractors were Lang, Goodhue & Co. of Burlington, Vermont.  A Lang water-driven pump was used to pump water from the river directly into the distribution system.

The Middlebury water system is currently operated by the Town of Middlebury.

1804 Middlebury Mercury, September 12, 1804, Page 4
For Sale
A lot of land in the village of Middlebury falls, containing nearly three and a half acres, being in front on the highway 16 rods, and the same width in rear on Otter-Creek, on which is a new and convenient dwelling-house almost finished, a new barn, and the best garden spot perhaps in the County of Addison, in which is already growing a variety of excellent fruit-trees.  Also a right or share in the Middlebury aqueduct, which is now almsot complete.  To the whole, a good and unquestionable title will be given, the terms of payment will be made easy, and possession, if required, will be given immediately.  D. H. Griswold, Middlebury, September 3, 1804

1804 An Act to incorporate the proprietors and owners of an Aqueduct in Middlebury, in the county of Addison, October 27, 1804

1805 An act in addition to an act entitled "an act to incorporate the proprietors of an aqueduct in Middlebury, in the county of Addison,'' passed the twenty seventh day of October, one thousand-eight hundred
and four
. November 1, 1805.

1891 Middlebury Register, July 24, 1891, Page 8
Wanted! At once 50 men to work on Middlebury Water Works. Wages, $1.25 per day.  Lang, Goodhue & Co.

1891 "Middlebury," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 3.

1897 "Middlebury," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 4.

The Sheldon Museum contains records of the Middlebury Aqueduct Company from 1804 to 1906, and also several records of the Middlebury water department from 1891.

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