Documentary History of American Water-works

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Randolph Center, Vermont

Randolph Center was settled in 1778.

The Randolph Hydraulic Company was incorporated in 1834 by Dudley Chase, William Nutting, Oramel Partridge, Thomas Wilbur, Joseph Blodget, Sewell Keyes, John Granger, Benjamin Griswold, Daniel Parish, Jacob K. Parish, John S. Smith and Joseph Fowler "for the purpose of supplying the inhabitants of Randolph centre village with pure running water."

Another Randolph Hydraulic Company was incorporated in 1870 by J. K. Parish, Daniel Eaton, Rebecca Wilbur,J. C. Fargo, N. S. Clark, James McIntire, and N. L. Boyden "for the purpose of constructing and maintaining an aqueduct to supply the inhabitants living in and near the center village of Randolph with water for domestic and other purposes."  This company built a system, but no information about it has been found before 1940.

The Randolph Fire District No. 1 was chartered in 1939 and bought the Randolph Hydraulic Company in October, 1940.

Water in the village of Randolph Center is provided by the Randolph Fire District No. 1.

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