Documentary History of American Water-works

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Springfield, Vermont

Springfield was chartered in 1761.

The Springfield Aqueduct Society was incorporated in 1813 by Moses Cobb, Samuel Goodrich, David Oakes, and Samuel Whipple "for the purposes of completing, repairing, and enjoying the aqueduct in said Springfield."  The charter language indicates that a system was in place at the time, but no further information is known about this company.

The Springfield Village Aqueduct Society was incorporated in 1816 by Isaac Fisher, Daniel Brooks, Moses Cobb, Moses Fairbank, Jonathan Chace, Phinehas T. Wales, James Ranney, and James Fisher "for the purpose of making, using and enoying an Aqueduct, to supply the inhabitants of the center village in Springfield, with water."  No evidence has been found that this company built a system.

Albert Brown built a small water system in 1884, which was incorporated two years later as the Springfield Water Supply Company.  The company was supplying 24 customers in 1897.   

The Springfield Water Company was incorporated in 1902 by W. D. Woolson, W. H. Cobb, W. W. Brown, F. W. Stiles, George F. Leland, Fred L. Howe, H. H. Blanchard, George Goodhue and Loring N. Farnum "for the purpose of furnishing the village of Springfield, and the inhabitants thereof with water for the extinguishment of fires, and for domestic, sanitary and other purposes."  The charter also gave permission for the Village of Springfield to buy the system, which they apparently did by 1904, when a revision to the Village charter mentioned that the town operated an existing aqueduct.  The village and town of Springfield merged in 1904.

The Springfield water system is owned by the Town of Springfield

1813 An act to incorporate the Springfield Aqueduct Society, November 13, 1813

1816 An act to incorporate certain persons by the narne of the Springfield Village Aqueduct Society. October 13, 1816.

1886 An act to incorporate the Springfield Water Supply Company, November 22, 1886.

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1902 An act to incorporate the Springfield Water Company, December 2, 1902
Sec. 11. The village of Springfield, by vote thereof and acting through its proper officers or agents, may contract with said Springfield Water Company for water for fire protection,public drinking troughs, or other uses, or by agreement with said water company may purchase the franchise, together with all property, real and personal, that may be legally possessed by said company,

1904 An act to amend an act concerning Springfield Village Approved Dec.11th 1902, and all acts of which that act is amendatory. December 9, 1904
Sec. 27. The said village is hereby authorized and empowered through said water commissioners to maintain its present aqueduct and reservoir to conduct the water thereof to and distribute the same through said village.

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