Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Vermont Starksboro

Starksboro, Vermont

Starksboro was chartered in 1780 and was originally known as Starksborough.

The Starksboro' centre village Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1828 by Elijah Ferguson, Joseph Hill, Alferd Clark, and Asel Wentworth "for the purpose of completing, repairing and enjoying said aqueduct."  The language in the charter indicates the company had begun construction of a system.  No further information has been found about this system.

The Starksboro Aqueduct Company was incorporated on November 8, 1908 and built a system that operated until it was taken over in 1999 by the Starksboro Water Supply Cooperative.

The Starksboro Water Supply Cooperative was incorporated on June 17, 1998.

Water is provided by the Starksboro Water Supply Cooperative

1828 An act to incorporate an aqueduct company in the centre village in Starksborough. October 27, 1828.

1916 Twentieth Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Vermont to December 31, 1915
Page 49: Starksboro.  The supply is by gravity from springs on a watershed that is uninhabited. There is always an ample supply of water. All of the houses in the village but two are connected with the system. The Starksboro Aqueduct Company owns the system.

1999 Petition of Starksboro Aqueduct Company seeking: (1) Board approval of the transfer of control and operation of the Starksboro water system to the Starksboro Village Water Cooperative; (2) approval of a lease to that effect; and (3) revocation of Starksboro's Certificate of Public Good.  Docket No. 6061, Order entered: December 20, 1999.

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