Documentary History of American Water-works

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Troy, Vermont

Troy was chartered as a town in 1803.  The Hamlet of Troy was formerly the unincorporated village of South Troy.

The Troy Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1861 by Geo. W. Aiken, A. P. Smalley, Robert Kay, Albert Hodsden, James Houstin, Fred. Flint, Edward Jackson, Silas Anger, Jr., Edward Stephens and Chester Coburn "for the purpose of constructing, and maintaining an aqueduct to supply the inhabitants of the village of South Troy, in the county of Orleans, with pure water, for domestic and other purposes."  This company built a system that was still operating in the early 1900s, but no other information about it has been found.

Water is supplied by the Town of Troy. which supplies water to the Village of North Troy PWS # VT0005205, and the Hamlet of Troy.  PWS # VT0005206

1861 An act to incorporate the Troy Aqueduct Company.  November 9, 1861.

1878 Map of the Village of South Troy and Town of Troy

1903 Adlaide E. Buck v. Troy Aqueduct Co., 76 Vt. 75, November 30, 1903, Supreme Court of Vermont.

2008 Troy Town Plan
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