Documentary History of American Water-works

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South Atlantic States
West Virginia Martinsburg

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Martinsburg was incorporated as a city in 1868.

The city built a Holly water works system that used water and steam power.  It began service on January 13, 1874.

The waterworks are currently owned by the City of Martinsburg.

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Matinsburg voted on Monday of last week for the construction of water works.

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Wells and cisterns had been the main source of water for downtown Martinsburg. In 1850, the city spent $60 to have a well put in at thecorner of John and Queen streets. On March 28, 1873, the mayor called a special council meeting for the corporation of Martinsburg to consider the proposition of the Holly Manufacturing Company to erect a water works in Martinsburg. Philip Showers had agreed to sell land to the city for the erection of the water plant.  Just eight years after the Civil War, Martinsburg installed a public water system, which was put into operation on Jan. 13, 1874.

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