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Biography Frederick Erdman

Frederick Erdman

Frederick Erdman was born in Pennsylvania around 1791.  He became noted engineer and builder, working on the construction, repair, and expansion of the Fairmount dam and water works.  He also built at least four water works systems.

Erdman died April 4, 1862 in Philadelphia.

Frederick Erdman's Water Works Experience
City State Years Projects
Philadelphia PA 1820-1821 Worked on Fair Mount water works and expansions in 1840-1841 and 1859.
Lancaster PA 1836-1837 Designed and built water works
Harrisburg PA 1839-1841 Designed and built water works
Frederick MD 1844-1845 Designed and built new water works
Alexandria VA 1851-1842
Designed and built water works
Charlottesville VA 1854
Designed new water works, which were too expensive

1823 Report of the Watering Committee to the Select and Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia. Read January 9, 1823
Page 10:  Fair Mount water works.  Mr. Frederick Erdman, the carpenter, also deserve particular notice, fo rhis part of the work, which has been most faithfully done, and to our entire satisfaction.

1860 History of the Works and Annual Report of the Chief Engineer of the Water Department of the City of Philadelphia, February 9, 1860.
Pages 23-24:  Of all the persons who ever engaged upon the construction of these works, there is probably not one now living, except Mr. Frederick Erdman, who was again employed upon their enlargement during the last summer.

1862 Frederick Erdman grave

1881 History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, with Genealogical and Biographical Sketches, by J. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Cope
Page 745:  Towers, Michael.  in the years 1841-43 he was engaged in the reconstruction of the Fairmount dam, Philadelphia, - a work undertaken by himself and Frederick Erdman, a master-builders of considerable note in his day.

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