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Biography Jesse W. Starr, Jr.

Jesse W. Starr, Jr.

Jesse W. Starr, Jr. was born on October 15, 1845 in Camden, New Jersey.  He was the son of Jesse W. Starr (1809-1886), who with his brother John F. Starr founded the Camden Iron Works, which produced cast iron pipes and other metal goods.  Jesse, Jr. joined the firm in 1874 and it went bankrupt in 1878.

From The Daily Graphic (New York), March 2, 1876, Page 16

Father and son obtained a from the city of Charleston in 1879 and built a system, but their contract was cancelled.    Starr Junior thereafter pursued several water works projects throughout the country.

He died in Burlington County, New Jersey in February 1928.

Jesse W. Starr, Jr.'s Water Works Experience
City State Years Projects
Charleston SC 1880
Joliet IL 1881
Macon GA 1880 Proposal
Carthage MO 1881 Contract canceled
Eau Claire WI 1881 Proposal
Mattoon IL 1883 Bid accepted by city council, then rejected after visit to Joliet.
Wabash IN 1885 Franchise granted and removed for non-performance.
Marion IA 1885
Booth Bay Harbor ME 1889 Starr contracted to build works described in 1890 AWW, but failed to fulfill his contract and project has been abandoned
Bloomington IN 1890 Franchise granted and revoked for non-performance
Jonesboro AR 1895
Edwardsville IL 1895
Hopkinsville KY 1895 Received contract, but revoked when he failed to complete the work

1878 "A Big Load of Debt," Harrisburg Telegraph, July 22, 1876, Page 1.
Jesse W. Starr & Son go into voluntary bankruptcy with $300,000 liabilities.

1881 "Water Works," The Eau Claire News, February 26, 1881, Page 3.
Mr. Jesse W. Starr, Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa., has been in the city for several days, left yesterday, after making a proposition to the council for waterworks.

1883 The History of Jasper County, Missouri:
Page 292:  CARTHAGE WATER-WORKS. The water-works commenced in September, 1881, and completed in February, 1882--built, owned, and controlled by home capital.
By reference to the city charter it will be seen that the contract for Carthage water-works was awarded to Jesse W. STARR, Jr., of Philadephia, Pennsylvania, May 24, 1881. Being unable to comply with the contract, a company was organized, composed of the following gentlemen: D. S. THOMAS, President; C. L. BARTLETT, treasurer; John W. SLANEY, superintendent, and T. B. TUTTLE, director. Soon after the completion of the enterprise the following new officers were elected: D. S. THOMAS, president and superintendent, and C. L. BARTLETT, secretary and treasurer. Mr. SLANEY still holds a fourth interest in the stock, Mr. BARTLETT one-fourth, and Mr. THOMAS one-half, he having purchased Mr. TUTTLE's interest.

1885 Indianapolis News, December 24, 1885, Page 1.
Wabash, Ind., December 24.óJesse W. ! Starr, president of the Wabash Water Works Company, is now in Philadelphia, for the puniose of bonding the works and securing funds with which to push them forward to completion.  The foundations for the stand-pipe has just been finished, and it is probable that but little will be accomplished till the opening of spring. It is proposed to issue$100,000 worth of bonds.

1889 "Booth Bay Harbor, Me.," Engineering News 21:586 (June 22, 1889)
The following is from Jesse W. Starr:  The Booth Bay Water Co. will have its works in operation about October 15.  Water will be pumped from a lake to a stand-pipe.  Jesse W. Starr is engineer and contractor.

1890 "Water Works Ordinance," Bloomington Progess, August 6, 1890, Page 2.
Jesse W.Starr, Jr.

1890 John O. White, Appellant, v. Benjamin A. Starr, Jesse W. Starr, Jr., and George F. Archer, Respondents. 47 N.J. Eq. 244, November 5, 1890, New Jersey Court of Chancery

1891 "Booth Bay Harbor," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 3.
Jesse W. Starr, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa., contracted to build works as described in 1890 Manual, but failed to fulfill his contract and project has been abandoned.

1935 Courier-Post (Camden, New Jersey), December 7, 1935, Page 18.
Obituary for Catherine E. T. Starr, window or Jesse Starr (nee Thomas) age 75 years.

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