Documentary History of American Water-works

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Ownership and Financing of American Water Works
Connecticut Water Service, Inc.

Connecticut Water Service, Inc.

The Connecticut Water & Gas Company was formed on July 23, 1945 but apparently never owned or operated anything.  The company.changed its name to the Connecticut Water Company on May 28, 1956 and in July, 1956, merged with the Guilford-Chester Water Company, the Naugatuck Water Company, and the water utility operations of the Connecticut Light & Power Company in north central Connecticut. 

The Suburban Water Service, Inc. was incorporated on February 1, 1956 to acquire and own water companies.
1956 Terryville Water Company
1956 Thomaston Water Company
1957 Rockville Water and Aqueduct Company
1961 Broad Brook Water Company
1961 Somers Water Company
1963 Collinsville Water Company

2012 Maine Water was bought from Aqua America.

The Suburban Water Service, Inc.and the Connecticut Water Company merged on April 10, 1975, and Suburban Water Service changed its name to Connecticut Water Service, Inc., with Connecticut Water Company as a wholly owned subsidiary.  

Connecticut Water 

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