Documentary History of American Water-works

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Ownership and Financing of American Water Works
National Water Works Company

National Water Works Company

The National Water Works Company of New York was incorporated on February 19, 1873 by Alson C. Davis, Charles L. Lynn, Daniel L. Norton, Merritt E. Sawyer, A.B. Trowbridge, James E. Jones and George B Voorhies to establish, construct and maintain Water Works in or adjacent to any city, town, or village in the United States of America, or elsewhere, and to supply the said city, town or village and the inhabitants thereof with water.  The capital stock was one million dollars.

National Water Works Company Stock Certificate

The company built water works in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas, and also made proposals for water works in San Antonio, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Other companies with the same or similar names:
National Water Works Investment Company, incorporated in New York in 1886, dissolved in 1900. March, 1889 - George F. Baker, President; William J. Curtis, Secretary; Charles C. Pomeroy, Treasurer; Capital $500,000.  Directors George F. Baker, Archer N. Martin, Harris C. Fahnestock, E.W. Clark, Charles C. Pomeroy, F.M. Colston, Theodore C. Waterman
National Water Works Investment Company, incorporated in New Jersey, dissolved June 18, 1898.  Authorized as a foreign corporation in New York on January 4, 1893.
National Water Works Syndicate, incorporated in Massachusetts(?), built several systems in New England
National Water Works Construction Company, Dayton, Ohio
National Water Works Corporation, Incorporated in Delaware in 1928.  The company bought 24 water systems, which were sold to the Delaware Valley Utilities Company in June, 1931, which in 1943 merged with the Northeastern Water Company.

1873 Certificate of Incorporation of the National Water Works Company of New York, February 19, 1873.

1875 "Water Works," San Antonio Daily Express, May 25, 1875, Page 2.
A recent St. Louis Republican special from New Orleans says:
"F.M. Mahan, President of the National Water Works Company, now at Kansas City, writes Mayor Leeds that his company will lease the water works of this city for fifty years and improve them.  The matter came up to day in the Council.  Mahan will probably be invited here to examine the works. The Council also adopted a resolution to lease the wharves and levees, lessees to pay accrued indebtedness on same, amounting to over $700,000."
In addition to the improvement at New Orleans, the National Waterworks Company will probably build works at San Antonio, Dallas and Denison, Texas, Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas, and St. Joe, Missouri.  The excellent construction of the works in this city will recommend the National Waterworks Company everywhere, as they have no superiors any where. Kansas City Paper.

1876 "Alleged Illegal Corporation," New York Daily Herald, November 19, 1876, Page 10.
Some three years ago a corporation announcing itself as the National Water Works Company of New York, made a contract with the city of Kansas, Mo., for supplying waer to that city.
It is claimed and no such corporate body has ever been chartered under the laws of this State, and action has been brought by Attorney General Fairchild to declare null and void its contracts. 

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