Documentary History of American Water-works

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Ownership and Financing of American Water-Works

Water Works Lotteries

Two aqueduct lotteries were held in London in 1635 and 1639.  Several states authorized the use of lotteries as a funding source for early water works systems, but little has been written about them. 

Year City State Comments
1795 Philadelphia PA
1798 Washington KY
1799 Baltimore MD Raised $4,381.70 but no system was built.
1806 Staunton VA
1807 Meadville PA
1807 York PA
1808 Palmyra PA
1809 Nashville TN
1811 Philadelphia PA Union Canal lottery.
1825 New London PA New London Aqueduct Company petition for lottery
1829 Wheeling WV
1832 Lexington VA
1838 Frankfort KY

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