Documentary History of American Water-works

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Northwestern States
Iowa Burlington

Burlington, Iowa

Burlington was chartered as a city in 1838.

Charles Mason recognized the need for water works in Burlington as early as 1870, and spent several years working to convince the local common council and citizens to proceed with a system, which is told in an excellent 1967 article linked below.

The city awarded a 25-year exclusive water works franchise to the Burlington Water Company on July 17, 1877 to distribute water pumped from the Mississippi River.  The company contracted with the Holly Manufacturing Company to build a system in exchange for the company's bonds.  The system was designed by Thomas N. Boutelle and was demonstrated on June 1, 1878.  It included an upward flow filter that did not work very well.  The Iowa Supreme Court ordered the company to install a better filtration system in 1892 and they installed a Jewell Filter

After the company's franchise expired in 1902, the citizen did not have the financial resources to buy the company, so a group of local citizens formed the Citizen's Water Company to buy and operate the system for the benefit of the city..

After several attempts to buy the system, the finally city bought the system from the Citizens Water Company on May 1, 1943 by purchasing the outstanding stock and paying off the company's mortgage.

Water is supplied by the city of Burlington.

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