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Northwestern States
Iowa Lyons

Lyons, Iowa

Lyons was chartered as a city in 1855 was annexed by the adjoining city of Clinton in 1895..

The city awarded a water works franchise to the Lyons Water Works Company in September 1874 and they built a system that began operating in May, 1875.  The system was designed by William C. Weir.

The company was purchased by the American Water Works and Guarantee Company in July 1891, which also owned the Clinton water works.  The two systems were interconnected and the Lyons company was dissolved after the two cities merged in 1895.

Water is provided by Iowa-American Water.

1875 Quad City Times, September 24, 1875, Page 1.
The Lyons Water Works Company is now a reality.

1875 An ordinance to provide for a supply of water for the inhabitants of Lyons Iowa, for domestic and mechanical use, and fire protection. Passed September 21, 1875.  This ordinance to take effect and be in full force in five days after its publication in the Clinton Daily Advertiser. | more information here |

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1879 The History of Clinton County, Iowa
Page 604:  Lyons Waterworks.
Though wells in Lyons supplied remarkably good water for domestic purposes, the recurrence of disastrous fires enforced the necessity of providing some adequate' protection. Accordingly, September 16, 1875, the Lyons Waterworks Company was organized, by Baldwin Bros., A. S. Baldwin, D. S. Balch, John Braun, James Conlin, M. A. Disbrow, S. 0. Davy, 0. R. Davies, L. A. Ellis, H. Gates, W. C. Grohe, Hannaher & Son, H. P. Hobein, Thomas and William Leedham, J. J. Matthews, C. Moeszinger, E. B. Mellick, 0. McMahan, J. W. McPherson, John Ott, A. C. Root, Roeh & Michelsen, Ira Stockwell, D. B. Snyder, Adam Schneider. P. Tritschler, John Tolson, Welles, Gardiner & Co., F. Winkler, and the following officers: J. P. Gage, President; Hiram Gates, Vice President; J. C. Root, Secretary; J. H. Barnum, Treasurer. DirectorsóJ. A. Nattinger, William Leimbach, John Gallion, N. Conway.
The works are a combination of the direct pressure and reservoir systems, the reservoir being located on the high bluff in Union Subdivision, at the northern end of Seventh street. The cost of the works was $40,000, amply repaid by the convenience and security afforded. Thirty-seven fire-plugs and three miles of mains effectually protect the most valuable commercial and manufacturing portions of the city. The question of a junction main connecting the works with Clinton has been agitated, and in case of very large fires would prove of great benefit.

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1891 The Des Moines Register, July 14, 1891, Page 5.
Clinton, July 13. All the stock of the Lyons Water Works Company, excepting $10,000, has been sold to the Guarantee Water Works Company of Pittsburg, Pa. This is the same company that owns the Clinton water works, which has the three large artesian wells gushing out more water than can be used.  The two systems will be connected and the surplus Clinton water will be pumped into the mains of the Lyon system, instead of the river water used since these systems were constructed.

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