Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Massachusetts Amesbury

Amesbury, Massachusetts

Amesbury was settled in the 1630s.

The Amesbury Ferry Aqueduct was chartered on June 27, 1798 by James Bayley, David Lowell, Joseph Morse, Joseph Hoyt, Nathan Long, Eli Gale and Willibee Hoyt.  No evidence has been found that this system was constructed.

The Powow Hill Water Company was chartered in 1883 by William E. Biddle, Jacob R. Huntington, Marquis D. F. Steere, Richard F. Briggs, and E. Ripley Sibley "for the purpose of furnishing the inhabitants
of the towns of Amesbury and Salisbury with water for the extinguishment of fires and for domestic and other purposes."  This company built and operated a system for 20 years. 

The City of Amesbury bought the system in 1905 and currently supplies water to the community.

1798 An act authorizing James Bayley and others to conduct water in subterraneous pipes within the town of Amesbury, June 27, 1798.

1883 An act to incorporate the Powow Hill Water Company, May 3, 1883.

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Town Buys Water Plant (Special dispatch to the Boston Herald)
Amesbury, June 27, 1905.  At a special town meeting tonight it was voted to buy the plant of the Powow Hill Water Company, and a committee was named to act with the selectmen in arranging the price.  The plant was built 20 years ago by a private company, which now claims the value of the property is $235,000.

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