Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Massachusetts Medfield

Medfield, Massachusetts

Medfield was settled in the 1659.

The first water system in Medfield was operating by 1806, when a deed for property includes "a privilege in the aqueduct running from the spring, or fountain-head, near the meeting house."  No additional information on this system, including the name of the company that owned it.

The Medfield Water Company was incorporated in 1892 by Edwin V. .Mitchell, Clinton T. Frost, and Henry M. Parker "for the purpose of furnishing the town of Medfield and the inhabitants thereof with water for the extinguishment of fires and for domestic, manufticturing and other purposes."  This company built a system and operated until 1921, when the town took over the system.

The Town of Medfield currently supplies water to the community.

1887 History of the Town of Medfield, Massachusetts 1650-1886, edited by William S. Tilden
Page 207:  A deed, given in 1806 to Beriah Brastow, of property near the present almshouse, specially mentions " a privilege in the aqueduct running from the spring, or fountain-head, near the meeting-house." The old logs which carried the water have been found in recent years. No record of the construction of these water-works has been discovered. The spring, or fountain-head, was on what is now the straw-works lot. 

1892 An Act to incorporate the Medfield Water Company, May 31, 1892

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