Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Massachusetts Plainfield

Plainfield, Massachusetts

Plainfield was first settled in 1770.

The Plainfield Aqueduct Company was organized on October 18, 1816 was organized by Dr. Barney Torrey, John Mack, Josiah Shaw 3d, Lt. Levi Cook, and Dr. Jacob Porter, all residents of Plainfield.  The company constructed an aqueduct system that served a small number of customers using wooden pipes and later, lead, iron and plastic pipes. 

The company ceased operation in 1971 when a plow severed a water pipeline that had almost rusted through.

The Town of Plainfield currently has no public water supply and relies on private water wells.

2015 Plainfield Aquaduct Company by Plainfield Historical Society contains some good information on the history of the company.

2015 Morris A. Pierce