Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Maine Falmouth

Falmouth, Maine

Falmouth was originally settled by Europeans as early as 1630. 

The Village Aqueduct in the town of Falmouth was incorporated in 1812 by John Gordon and his associates to allow them "to go on with the work" of building an aqueduct from "from Oak Hill spring,
to Stroudwater Village."  No further information on this system or company has been found.

The Foreside Water Company was incorporated in 1905 by George Burnham, Jr., C. K. Richards, Daniel F. Emery, Jr., John Marshall Brown, Edward H. Trickey and Herbert Payson "for the purpose of supplying the towns of Cumberland and Falmouth, in the county of Cumberland, and the inhabitants thereof with pure water for domestic, fire, sanitary and municipal purposes."

The Foreside Water Company built a water system that was purchased by the Portland Water District in 1917.

Water is currently supplied by the Portland Water District.

1812 An act to incorporate the Village Aqueduct, in the town of Falmouth. June 8, 1812

1905 An act to incorporate the Foreside Water Company, March 15, 1905.

1917 An Act Additional to Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty-three of the Private and Special Laws of Nineteen Hundred and Seven, Entitled "An Act to Incorporate the Portland Water District." April 6, 1917.  Authorized the purchase of the Foreside Water Company.

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