Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Maine Windham

Windham, Maine

Windham was first settled in 1737.

The first water system in Windham was built by Moses Little (either 1782-1866 or 1801-1843), who with others petitioned the Maine legislature to form the Windham Aqueduct Company in 1830.  This was not acted on, but apparently an aqueduct was built as it is referenced in an 1835 case heard by the Maine Supreme Court.  It is not known which village in the town was Windham the aqueduct was located.

The next references to water systems in the Town of Windham was in 1907, when the Portland Water District was formed to acquire the Portland Water Company, which had a contract to supply at least the village of South Windham.  The village of North Windham was connected to the water district in 1937. 

Water is provided bythe Portland Water District, a public municipal corporation established in 1907 and which has a history page.

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